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Strategic Master Plan of Tynda, Amur Region

October, 2022 — January, 2023

Amurskaya Oblast

Strategic Master Plan shall be developed, a comprehensive strategic planning document establishing the principles, priorities, objectives and expected results of the management of socio-economic and spatial development of the town, as well as defining the projects, activities and mechanisms necessary to achieve the established goals and expected results.


  • Improving living conditions for people, increasing the availability of social services, and creating opportunities for people’s self-realization;
  • Rational implementation of new investment projects, taking into account the priority sectors, vacant land plots and areas, logistics, social infrastructure in a single image of the town;
  • Improving the quality of the urban environment, and forming a harmonious image of urban areas;
  • Forming measures for the environmental protection and careful treatment of nature;
  • Creating a basis for making decisions on the social, economic and spatial development of the town;
  • Formation of a list of key projects for the town’s development with justification of social and economic expediency.

The International Urban Laboratory CENTER Lab occupies a leading position in the Consortium for the development of the master plan of the Amur city. The consortium also includes the ITP “Grad”, Design Bureau “Polis” and Synopsis Group.

Stages of master plan development:

Stage 1

  • Diagnosing the current state of the city;
  • Running a campaign to collect suggestions and ideas from residents on city development;
  • Develop a vision for the future development of the city.

Stage 2

  • Development of a Conceptual Master Plan (Framework Concept) for the city.

Stage 3

  • Preparation of the Strategic Master Plan of the city;  
  • Developing recommendations for changes to existing strategic and spatial development documents.

According to the results of the diagnosis of the current state, cluster analysis, key factors of development, the following mission of the city was formulated: “Cultural, administrative and transport-logistics center, which provides interregional and international integration of the subjects of the Far Eastern Federal District is a federal district of the Russian Federation, with the conditions for the development of the integration economy and self-realization of ambitious and motivated residents”.

© Gennady Glushko

Within the framework of the development of the vision of Tynda for the period up to 2030, 3 variation scenarios were considered: independent, progressive, integration. Following presentations at the strategic sessions, the Integrated Development Scenario was chosen as the integration scenario. It’s the logic behind the gradual diversification of the city economy.

The main directions of space development within the framework of the Integration scenario include:

  • Redevelopment and development of built-up residential areas;
  • Improving the quality and accessibility of social services;
  • Increasing environmental safety and landscaping;
  • Tourism and creating a city design code;
  • Development of transport and engineering infrastructure;
  • Development of housing and communal services.

One of the launching and critical projects of the master plan is gasification. The event will not only restart the city’s economy, but also improve the environmental situation. The resulting effect will be not only an increase in GDP but also an increase in average wages and purchasing power.

The planned activities will enable the comprehensive development of Tynda as a compact city with a capital level of services. As a result of the implementation of territorial development measures, the quality index of the urban environment will increase from 157 points to 245 due to the diversity of housing and services, the repair of the street-road network, the increase in the share of green areas in common use.

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