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February 20, 2023

A lecture by Maria Sedletskaya was held at the Architectural School MARSH

Maria Sedletskaya, Head of the Analytical Group of the CENTER Lab International Urban Laboratory, gave a lecture titled “Culture and Manufacturing. Architecture Scenario for Redevelopment” at the Architectural School MARSH.

In the course of the lecture, the participants discussed the priorities of the urban policy in production areas, and how the Rust Bell of Moscow is evolving. The functional variety of redevelopment scenarios was also discussed.

In Maria’s opinion, redevelopment is an inevitable trend of urban development due to ongoing economy restructuring and cessation of manufacturing plants’ operations. Redevelopment is aimed to regain the investment potential of inefficiently used city lands in the modern districts of Moscow with high investment attractiveness.

When transforming inefficiently used areas that have lost their original functions, it is important to strike a balance between the existing district context, city needs and the architectural and spatial characteristics of the production area.

According to Maria, preservation of identity and the symbolic capital contributes to a more effective process of revitalization of the area by attracting anchor residents and a steady steam of targeted visitors, as well as boosts the rapid growth of income from the venues’ adaptation.

Redevelopment integrates different processes in the urban, economic and social spheres while strengthening the self-sufficiency of Moscow districts.

As a result, new urban services, multifunctional objects with an author’s image and unique public spaces appear as drivers for the capital’s economy development and new “points of attraction”.

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