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August 1 — September 19, 2022


Moscow Industrial special project is an educational special project about the historical industrial heritage of Moscow.

It was prepared by the Complex of Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations of the Government of Moscow within the framework of the Moscow program for the integrated development of former industrial zones “Industrial Quarters” in cooperation with the International Urban Laboratory CENTER Lab.

Moscow industrial zones are the most important reserve for the development of the city. As part of the implementation, more than 150 territories for integrated development have been identified.

8 excursions were organized as part of the special project and the Moscow Urban Forum-2022. Duration – up to 2 hours. The number of participants – 20-30 people.


Preservation and adaptation of industrial heritage to modern realities.


The applied nature of the results and competition objects, Preservation and adaptation of industrial heritage to modern realities.

Locations of industrial zones

  • GES-2,
  • The “Rassvet” cluster (former factory “Muir & Merrilies”),
  • The Golutvin Manufactory,
  • Manufactory of Emil Zindel,
  • Danilovskaya manufactory,
  • Stanislavsky’s factories,
  • Shabolovsky cluster,
  • The “Crystal” factory.






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