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Development of a Master Plan for Altay Village Teletskoe Eco-Resort

November, 2022 — April, 2023

The Republic of Altay

Eco-resort Altay Village is a key object of the state program of formation and development of the tourism industry for the Republic of Altay until 2035.

The main objectives of the “Development of domestic and inbound tourism” state program for the Republic of Altay are:

  • Improving the competitiveness of the tourist market of the Republic of Altay,
  • Formation of a positive image of tourist services in the Republic of Altay among Russian and foreign citizens.
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Master Plan Development Stages:

Stage 1. 23.11.2022 – 11.01.2023

Clarification of tourist and recreational potential in developing Altay Village Teletskoe eco-resort as a strategic object of the Republic of Altay within the Golden Lake mountain climate cluster.

  • Analysis of the tourist product and demands of its consumers determining the requirements for the infrastructure of the resort,
  • Identification of the main factors that create value for the consumer,
  • Identification of possible ways to increase the value to the consumer of the proposed tourist product,
  • Scenario of a tourist’s stay in Altay Village Teletskoe eco-resort,
  • Directions for the development of Altay Village Teletskoe eco-resort as a strategic object within the Golden Lake mountain climate cluster.

Development of a scenario for the development of an eco-resort as part of a tourist and recreational cluster.

  • Scenario of functioning of the area considering the surrounding context and prospects for spatial development of Artybashsky rural settlement,
  • Scenario of use of the area by the target audience.

Stage 2. 12.01.2023 – 10.04.2023

Functional planning layout of the area, including proposals for infrastructural services and for the location of capital construction objects of different levels of importance

  • Identification of problems of spatial development of the area,
  • Identification of directions for development of the area,
  • Functional zoning of the area,
  • Placement of capital construction objects considering the capacity of the object, characteristics of the site and regulatory framework,
  • Transport organization in the area,
  • Principle proposals for engineering maintenance of the area,
  • Technical and economic indices.
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